Obesity is a high risk for COVID.
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What is the difference between
Mindful Eating and Mindless Eating?

Mindless Eating

Eating past full and ignoring your body's signals

Eating when emotions tell us to eat
(sad, bored, lonely, mad)

Eating alone, at random times and places

Eating foods that are emotionally comforting

Eating and multitasking

Considering a meal an end product

Self sabotage

All or nothing attitude

Inconsistent effort

Mindful Eating

Listening to your body and stopping when full

Eating when our bodies tell us to eat
(stomach growing, energy low)

Eating with others, at set times and places

Eating foods that are nutritionally healthy

Sit down at the table to eat

Considering where food comes from

Eat slowly, focus on each sensation of your first bite
Smell  -  Sight  - Touch  -  Sound  -  Taste

Being aware of your Physical and Emotional cues

Serve a meal for yourself like you would a guest

It's easy to confuse Thirst for hunger, Drink Water!

Try to be Mindful when you eat and you will find it much easier to reach your weight loss goals
and to feel much more healthy inside and out.

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