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What's Included In The FREE Gift?

CTR Non-Iron Athletic Fit Shirt
When we say Non-Iron, we mean it! Take this shirt out of a warm dryer and it will look like you spent 20 minutes pressing it perfect. Cotton rich blend that doesn't show through but is still breathable and cool in the heat. Tailored to fit a young frame and not billow out the side.

Drymax Moisture Wicking Dress Sock
Made with the same technology as sock designed for Ultra-Marathons (135miles!) These socks will change your life. They pull moisture off of your feet and push it into your shoes, keeping your feet dry, cool, and healthy.

CTR Teflon Treated Tie
Teflon treated to repel liquid and Machine Washable, these stylish ties are built to last.

Sewing Kit
Every missionary needs a Sewing Kit for quick repairs, buttons, or even hemming their pants when they grow. We make sure every missionary is prepared with one.

Clothing Care Guide
All the great information you have heard about caring for your Clothing all in one place. With simple infographics and simple to read instructions, this Guide will help your clothing last. Rotate your clothing, how to sew on a button, how not to crack the soles of your shoes when you are praying, and more. Don't leave without it!

Here's an added Bonus!

FREE Missionary Portrait Session
We have teamed up with Masterpiece Images for a FREE Missionary Portrait session.  It includes a free session fee, an 8x10 print and a print that can be used for a missionary plaque.

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