Finding a Qualified & Capable Agent is PAINFUL

It is harder than ever to find and win the bid on your dream home. In todays Real Estate market it is essential to have a qualified agent. BUT, how do you find one without having to deal with hundreds of calls from desperate agents?

Find a Qualified Agent

Keep Your Info Private

Select a winning strategy

Why You Need The Right Agent

A Qualified and Capable Real Estate Agent can help you find and get your dream home. The problem is finding that kind of agent is difficult and painful. If you try to contact several agents to asses their qualifications, you have to deal with being hounded by all of those agents. If you use an agent that was referred to you, you don't know if they have what it takes to make the deal happen.

Unqualified agents don't have the proper strategies to win the bid on the home you want. Finding the right home in this market is extremely difficult. Winning the bid on the home is even harder.

Finding the agent that can make this happen for you doesn't need to be.

ReThink features

You need a comfortable, easy, and effective way to find a Qualified and Capable Real Estate Agent. We have the solution for you.

Avoid Pushy Realtors

Normally, when looking for a qualified realtor, your contact information is given to several realtors. That means endless phone calls and emails from realtors trying to get your business. We don't give your contact information to the realtors until you select the one you want to work with.

Pre-Qualified Realtors

We have a rigorous qualification process and we only work with qualified realtors. However, there is more to choosing a great realtor than just being qualified. You need a realtor you can work closely with and who is skilled at finding and winning the type of home you want. 

Choose the Strategy

We have a short form we will have you fill out that helps describe what you are looking for. From there, we have the realtors submit their strategy to find and win the deal you are looking for. Then, you select the strategy you like the best without annoying phone calls you don't want.

Realtor Accountability

After each transaction, we have the home buyers rate their realtor. That rating is used in determining the eligibility of the realtors we recommend. We hold the realtors that work with us to a high standard so you know you can trust the realtor you select.

Imagine a Real Estate Carfax

You may be familiar with a Carfax report. It is intended to help you find the right car for you. It has the necessary reports and ratings to give you the information you need to make a good decision. Likewise, after the realtors have submitted their strategies, we will give them a rating to help identify important aspects of a winning strategy.

Our Service is FREE

You may be wondering how much this kind of service will cost you. That's the best part. You pay nothing for this service. Our realtors are looking to work with great home buyers and the home buyers are looking to work with great agents.

How does it Work?

All we need is your email address to get started. Your email will not be shared with any realtor until you are ready to work with them. We protect your privacy so you don't have to receive endless phone calls and emails from pushy realtors. 

Once you submit your email, we will send a short survey to get an idea of what you are looking for. The answers from your survey will be sent anonymously to the qualified realtors we work with. They will create a strategy report so you can see how they are specifically qualified to help you and what kinds of things they will do for you. We then organize and rate those reports so it is easy for you to select the realtor best qualified for your search. Then, and only then, we will connect you with the realtor you have selected to work with, protecting your privacy while also helping connect you to the most qualified agent for your needs.

Valerie Breeding

Meet Valerie, one of our pro's from Utah. Valerie Specializes in getting offers accepted in the most competitive market we have ever witnessed.  She knows how to GET IT DONE!

Rethink's 3 Step Process


Send Your Email
  • Start by simply sending your email to request your survey
  • Fill out the short survey that describes what you are looking for.
  • Your personal information is kept private.


Receive Your Report
  • We send your answers to the pre-qualified agents.
  • Each agent creates a personalized strategy so you can see how they would handle your search.
  • We organize and rate the strategies to make it easy for you to choose.


Choose Your Realtor
  • You will then choose the realtor you would like to work with.
  • We then connect the two of you so you can start finding your dream home.
  • After the transaction, you have the opportunity to rate your experience to make sure we only work with qualified realtors.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If, at any time or for any reason, the realtor you have selected is not working for you, we will take care of releasing you from that realtor and help you select another realtor that best suits your needs.

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