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Stay on top of the health of your senior pets with a blood panel 

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What’s the big deal? They are only one year older and appear healthy.
Why should you invest in blood work?

As our pets age there are a lot of changes that occur. Our four-legged companions are living longer these days and it is our responsibility to help them through the aging process.

Age is not a disease; however, older pets are more at risk for many diseases. The cut off for “senior pet” may seem arbitrary, but it has been developed based on risk. Pets over this age are more likely to have serious diseases, than pets under this age. Cats are classified as “senior” at 11-14, and “geriatric” at 15+ years.

Dogs vary based on breed and size. Giant breeds (Great Danes, St Bernard’s, Newfoundland’s etc.) can be considered senior as young as 6, whereas, small breed dogs approach their senior years closer to 10.

Some major diseases for which senior pets are at risk relate to metabolic or organ functions. Some are curable, some only manageable. Early diagnosis can give you and your pet quality, comfortable time together. In general the earlier a disease is diagnosed the better the prognosis.

The senior blood panel is composed of blood-work, and in some cases a urinalysis. These two tests give the veterinarian a big picture of metabolic and organ health. We can detect liver and kidney infections. Let’s do everything we can to keep your senior dogs and cats healthy.

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