Snow is on its way.... Are you ready?

"I passed several different rental stores on my way to Howe Rents because these guys are always so nice!"

We can Tune-Up
Your Snow Blower

and get You Ready for Winter!

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Don't be caught with your Snow Blower in disrepair this winter. Bring your Snow Blower in and we can perform a tune-up and make sure your equipment is in tip top shape.

If your Snow Blower isn't working we can assess the problem and repair it if necessary. 

Either way you'll be ready for the snowy Winter!

Howe Rents Can Expertly Tune-Up or Repair
All Your Small or Heavy Equipment.

Post Hole Auger

We had a lot of wind recently and you may have some fences down.  This auger makes short work of getting your post holes dug.  

Also...This auger is available with up to a 30" bit that can be used to dig holes to plant trees!  If you have more than 1 tree to plant you'll be happy to have rented this auger.

Log Splitter

If you lost any trees you know how hard it can be to get rid of the large logs left behind.  Or if you prepare firewood for the winter it is hard work.  This log splitter can take any log up to 22 inches tall.  With its 30 ton press it can handle any log you can get up on it.

Ditch Witch

Fall is a great time to add a sprinkling system to your yard.  You don't have to worry about the grass dying while you put it in and there is not yet frozen ground or snow to deal with.  You can get all of your ditches dug within just a few hours for most homes.  You'll never dig another trench by hand again.

Skid Steer

This skid steer is pictured with a snow plow.  If you have a lot of snow to clear you know it can be back breaking work, especially if we get a lot of it.  This would help if you have a large driveway or if you need to clear the mounds of snow created by your home equipment.  It is also helpful for those commercial jobs that need more accuracy such as a condo community.

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