When Was The Last Time You Gave Serious Thought to Lighting?

Over the past decade, Lighting Technology has made a 100-year leap
Watch this short video to see how!

It's Time To Modernize Your Home or Business

Updating the lighting in your home or business can be an easy, noninvasive way to update your home. 
No need to make a mess taking down walls or other major construction.  Change your lighting and change your home fast and easy!

$150 off
any purchase $1000 or more

We use them for all of our projects and have been nothing but pleased with the products and service they provide

-Sincerely, JJ Arellano

Brilliant Lighting has a huge selection of custom lighting that you're not going to go into every house or office building and see. They are one of the premiere lighting sources in Utah. If they don't have what your looking for in their showroom they will source what you are looking for and for a resonance price and even better, what you get is going to be good quality product that is going to last a long time. Mark and his team are knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommended checking these guys out for your next lighting project big or small you will not be disappointed. We use them for all of our projects and have been nothing but pleased with the products and service they provide.

Modernize Your Home or Business

Hi there! I am Mark Miller, the owner of Brilliant Lighting Center in North Ogden, Utah. When was the last time you gave serious thought about the lighting in your home or business? When the swag lamp was in style? Some of you maybe never have.

Lighting Is Not The Same

Over the past decade, lighting technology has made a hundred year leap. We have gone from the Dark Ages to the Age of Enlightenment. The lighting revolution is “Race to Replace” to newer lighting technologies.

Innovation's Leading Edge

Our company, Brilliant Lighting Center, has stayed on the leading edge of these innovations. Before now, space limitations and heat gaps limited design, but now with LED light and DC ceiling fan motor technology, the possibilities are almost endless.

LED's - A Lighting Revolution

The acronym LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs are electrical components that shoot off photons when electrically charged. They are bright and compact and 75% more energy efficient.

Our showroom is “ALL-LED”. These concepts were put on display in this year’s Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes. Check it out!

You can use new technology in old homes. No Problem!

Now apply all of this to light fixtures today, and you will get a feel for the mindset of our company. We can help you find the perfect lighting solutions for all your lighting needs. You just might be in desperate need of a lighting upgrade. Why not modernize your space for your own enjoyment?

Remember at Brilliant Lighting Center, the future is always BRIGHT!

Are You wondering what you can do?

Let us help you with ideas.  Our show room is in North Ogden and we would love to sit down and go over the possibilities.

Make sure to claim your coupon below so you can and come in to talk with us.

$150 off
any purchase $1000 or more

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